Darren Poynton

Assistant Lecturer
School of Philosophical, Historical and Interdisciplinary Studies
Postgraduate Research Student
School of Philosophical, Historical and Interdisciplinary Studies
 Darren Poynton



  • BA (Hons) Politics, Philosophy, Economics The Open University (2015)

  • Master of Arts in Philosophy The Open University (2018)

Research and professional activities


Real politics and revolutionary change: The political theories and strategies of Impossibilist Social Democracy, Council Communism and Communist Anarchism.

This thesis investigates the compatibility of revolutionary socialism with an understanding of politics as being the management of conflict in a world of persistent moral disagreement. The conclusion is that a compatibility can be found once socialist revolution is viewed as the culmination of a process of the development of an ethos of non-domination, rather than a coup d'├ętat or minority political conquest. Such an ethos requires the members of a political community to view each other as equal

Supervisor: Fabian Freyenhagen

Research interests

Political Philosophy

Political Realism


Critical Theory

Political and Economic History



Colchester Campus

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