Constantin Mehmel

Assistant Lecturer
School of Philosophical, Historical, and Interdisciplinary Studies
Assistant Lecturer (Blended Learning)
School of Philosophical, Historical, and Interdisciplinary Studies
Postgraduate Research Student
School of Philosophical, Historical, and Interdisciplinary Studies
 Constantin Mehmel



I am a PhD student in Philosophy at the University of Essex. Supervised by Prof Béatrice Han-Pile, I am working towards a phenomenological account of the experience of disorientation. Prior to starting my PhD, I was a visiting researcher at the Heidelberg University Hospital to work on the intersection of hermeneutics and social cognition, particularly enactivist approaches to intersubjectivity, under the supervision of Prof Thomas Fuchs, as part of the interdisciplinary working group 'Phenomenological Psychopathology and Psychotherapy' (April - July 2017). My PhD is fully funded by the University of Essex Doctoral Scholarship and the Consortium for the Arts and Humanities South-East England (CHASE) Doctoral Training Programme. I am organising the Applied Phenomenology Reading Group. -- Mehmel, C.-A., (2019). 'Transformation through dialogue: Gadamer and the phenomenology of impaired intersubjectivity in depression'. In: The Bloomsbury Companion to Philosophy of Psychiatry. Editors: Bluhm, R. and Tekin, S.,. Bloosmbury Publishing. 155-173. Mehmel, C.-A., (2016). 'Possibility of Hermeneutic Conversation and Ethics'. Theoria and Praxis. 4 (1).


  • BA in Philosophy and Politics University of Durham (2015)

  • MA in Continental Philosophy University of Warwick (2016)

Research and professional activities


The Phenomenology of Disorientation: A Study of Social Life

Supervisor: Béatrice Han-Pile

Research interests


Philosophy of Emotion

Philosophy of Psychiatry

Queer and Feminist Theory

Social Cognition

Hermeneutics (esp. Gadamer)



Colchester Campus