Dr Hassan Malik

School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CSEE)
Dr Hassan Malik


Journal articles (15)

Akwirry, B., Bessis, N., Malik, H. and McHale, S., (2022). A Multi-Tier Trust-Based Security Mechanism for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network Communications. Sensors. 22 (21), 8285-8285

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Book chapters (3)

Sharma, N., Ansari, RI., Khan, R., Malik, H. and Pervaiz, H., (2022). Adaptive Interference Aware Device‐to‐Device‐Enabled Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Communications. In: Interference Mitigation in Device-to-Device Communications. Wiley. 133- 148. 9781119788799

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Malik, H., Alam, MM., Kuusik, A., Le Moullec, Y. and Pärand, S., (2020). Narrowband Internet of Things (NB‐IoT) for Industrial Automation. In: Wireless Automation as an Enabler for the Next Industrial Revolution. Wiley. 65- 87. 9781119552611

Conferences (10)

Mwakwata, CB., Alam, MM., Le Moullec, Y., Malik, H. and Parand, S., (2020). Cooperative Interference Avoidance Scheduler for Radio Resource Management in NB-IoT Systems

Malik, H., Sarmiento, JLR., Alam, MM. and Imran, MA., (2019). Narrowband-Internet of Things (NB-IoT): Performance Evaluation in 5G Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

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Malik, H., Alam, MM., Le Moullec, Y. and Ni, Q., (2018). Interference-Aware Radio Resource Allocation for 5G Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication

Malik, H., Ghoraishi, M. and Tafazolli, R., (2017). Suboptimal radio resource management for full-duplex enabled small cells

Malik, H., Ghoraishi, M. and Tafazolli, R., (2015). Cross-layer approach for asymmetric traffic accommodation in full-duplex wireless network



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