Clare Hammerton

Postgraduate Research Student
Essex Law School - Human Rights Centre
Senior Research Officer
School of Health and Social Care
 Clare Hammerton



Clare is a Senior Researcher on Dementia at the Institute of Public Health and Wellbeing. Her current research focuses on LGBT+ people living with dementia, people with early onset Dementia (under 65), and carers. Her research methodology uses meaningful participatory and empowering approaches to assemble Rights through capturing people's experiences, sharing knowledge, enabling voice, and supporting Experts by Experience. Recently, in partnership with Essex County Council and voluntary sector organisations in Essex, Clare has worked to develop a sustainable and empowering model of engagement with local citizens to build community assets and provide citizen voice in hyper-local areas. Previously, Clare has worked across county, regional and national organisations in Adult Social Care in the UK in senior roles, and has managed country and regional International Development operations, programmes, and research in Easter Europe, Central Asia, and Africa. Clare's post-doctoral degree focuses on the components, processes, and practices to realise and mainstream Sexual Orientation Human Rights through International Development. Knowledge from this research is versatile and can be applied to the development and delivery of services and support across different contexts, focuses, and providers. Clare's research focus is to develop and apply Rights-Based Approaches to research, collaborative partnerships, and service development. To meaningfully engage people and carers, leading to both improved services and support, the empowerment of people, and the assembly of Rights.


Journal articles (2)

Reinhardt, G., Vidovic, D. and Hammerton, C., (2021). Understanding Loneliness: a Systematic Review of the Impact of Social Prescribing Initiatives on Loneliness. Perspectives in Public Health. 141 (4), 204-213

Vidovic, D., Reinhardt, GY. and Hammerton, C., (2021). Can Social Prescribing Foster Individual and Community Well-Being? A Systematic Review of the Evidence. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 18 (10), 5276-5276

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