Creating a sense of belonging

Essex is a home away from home, where students and staff can be themselves and achieve their full potential in an inclusive environment that leaves no one behind.

Whatever your identity or background we recognise and value those differences and provide a supportive community in which you can develop your talents and make a positive impact.

We celebrate the diversity of our student and staff population through blogs, societies and events across a full range of academic, cultural, religious, political and social interests.

Our commitment
  • Our commitment to creating an inclusive environment and addressing under-representation of marginalised communities is central to the Essex mission and values.
  • Members of the university senior management team act as inclusion champions for each of the groups listed as protected characteristics in the Equality Act 2020. 
  • The champions are there to increase engagement and understanding of the challenges faced by under-represented communities, and contribute to activities and events across our campuses.

Inclusion champions

All members of our Essex community have an important role in ensuring an inclusive environment for everyone, and the senior leaders at the university have a particular responsibility to support and nurture that environment. Our senior inclusion champions are there to encourage greater consultation and communication with under-represented communities, and have concrete objectives to transform the words "equality, diversity and inclusion" into lasting and meaningful change.

Societies and events

Our societies and networks are a great way to get involved and the best place to start is our Student's Union. There you can find activities, events and communities of like-minded people to share ideas with. You will find over 120 different groups representing diverse cultures, languages, faiths, political affiliations and social interests. 

Societies are set up by students for students. They organise events and activities, and offer a range of support or simply the chance to hang out with members of your community.  It is the place to meet other students from your home country, engage with social issues and celebrate religious festivals.

We hold events throughout the year that reflect our diverse Essex community and engage with the important issues of the day:

Black history month 

Black history month is celebrated in October to recognise the contribution of people from an African or Caribbean heritage and to reflect on the work that still needs to be done to tackle racism and challenge societal inequalities.

Holocaust memorial week

Holocaust memorial week remembers the millions of Jewish people and other victims killed by the Nazis during WWII.  A range of events take place during the week in January, including talks and films, reflecting on the victims of the holocaust and other genocides such as Cambodia, Rwanda and Sudan. It is also an opportunity to examine human rights issues and discuss the lessons that can be learned to tackle discrimination more broadly.

International women's day

International women’s day is marked on 8th March each year, to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and raise awareness of the gender inequalities that still exist today. Our associated events aim to challenge stereotypes, push for gender equality and showcase successful women in business, education and sport.

LGBTQ history month 

LGBTQ+ History Month takes place in February every year to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and raise awareness on the issues facing this community.

Students throwing pink and orange paint during Hindu Holi Festival)
Students throwing pink and orange paint during Hindu Holi Festival



Our blogs are written by students, staff and academics across all subjects from life on campus to detailed research projects, representing our Essex family, the world in one place. Our blogs series include equality, diversity and inclusion, and blogs written by our alumni and current students.

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