Why Essex?

Essex has a long history of welcoming students from Poland. With students from over 140 different countries, Essex is the world in one place. We're top 20 for the most international student community in the THE World University Rankings 2018. 

Visits to your country


29 September 2018 - ELab Fair, Warsaw


23-24 November 2018 - British Council fairs, Krakow and Warsaw

Entry requirements

Most of our Undergraduate Bachelor degree courses will consider an overall average of 70% from a minimum of 2 extended level subjects from Matura. 
The majority of our Postgraduate Taught Masters will consider applicants with 4 from Bachelor degree.
Some courses have higher entry requirements as well as other admissions criteria. Please see individual courses for more information or email our admissions team admit@essex.ac.uk
We also have a range of Foundation Programmes available if you do not meet these grades. Please visit our Pathways Department for details about our undergraduate degrees with a foundation year and the University of Essex International College for other undergraduate and postgraduate pathways.

Clubs and societies


You can meet other Polish students at our Polish Society.


Polish student Ania
Wybrałam Essex głównie dlatego, że dało mi to możliwość studiowania kilku języków obcych i zarządzania w tym samym czasie. Wiele kierunków pozwala na połączenie kursów z różnych wydziałów. Essex oferuje też mnóstwo zajęć pozalekcyjnych i różnego rodzaju warsztatów. Można także skorzystać z pomocy Centrum Doradztwa Zawodowego i Centrum Rozwoju Talentów, które wspierają studentów w osiągnięciu maksimum ich możliwości. Jeśli chodzi o pracę zarobkową, Students’ Union i Uniwersytet dają studentom wiele opcji, zaczynając od pracy w barach i restauracjach na kampusie, kończąc na bardziej specjalistycznej pracy na wydziałach uniwersytetu.
Jednak to nie tylko aspekty akademickie sprawiły, że wybrałam Essex. Nie ma takiego dnia, kiedy nic się tu nie dzieje. Joga, warsztaty bębniarskie, tańce latynoskie, debaty na kontrowersyjne tematy, karaoke... Lista imprez i warsztatów nie ma końca. Mamy studencki teatr, centrum sportowe, bary, restauracje i klub, który zapełnia się razy w tygodniu. Nasz kampus jest jak multikulturowe miasto studenckie z niekończącymi się możliwościami. Każdy znajdzie tu coś dla siebie.
Ania studentka czwartego roku Języków Nowożytnych
I chose Essex mainly because it gave me an opportunity to study a few languages and business management in the same time – something I haven’t seen in other universities. There are many options of interdisciplinary degrees, optional modules, extracurricular courses and workshops of all kinds. The Careers and Employability Centre and Talent Development Centre are there to help students bring out the best in themselves. There are also plenty of employment opportunities on campus, from catering jobs to positions within the university departments.
However, it’s not just the academic aspects that made me choose Essex. There is not one day when there’s nothing on. Lunchtime yoga, African drums workshops, Latin dance, THINK seminars with vivid debates, karaoke nights where you can just let it all out…The list doesn’t have an end. We have a campus theatre, sport centre, bars, restaurants and a club which gets full a few times during the week. Colchester Campus is like a one big multicultural student town and I think that whatever one looks for, they can find it here.
I think Southend is an amazing place to be, not only because of the beach but also fantastic choice of restaurants, local pubs and clubs. I have moved plenty of times in my life and this by far has been the easiest move probably because of the great people I have met.
In my first year of studies I lived in student accommodation and now in my second year I live in a private house with four other classmates. I probably would recommend to live in halls through the first year to get a hang of finance - especially now that the halls are fresh and new and looking fantastic!
I have met some wicked people and I am sure I will love to come back here and see how the next generations are doing. University years are known to be the best years of your life, University of Essex definitely makes sure of that!
Katarzyna Brzezniak BA World Performance
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