Essential information for Indian applicants

Entry requirements


Most of our Undergraduate Bachelor degree courses will consider an average of 60% from the best four subjects from Indian high school qualifications. If you achieve 70% in English from CBSE or CISCE exam board qualification, you will not normally require a separate English language test score.

We also offer a range of Foundation Programmes which can lead to entry to our undergraduate degrees, please visit University of Essex International College for further information.

Some courses have higher entry requirements as well as other admissions criteria. Please see individual courses for more information or email our admissions team

Postgraduate Taught

Many of our Postgraduate Taught Masters will consider applicants with 50% or 5.3/10 from Band 1 or Band 2 institution/ 55% or 5.8/10 from all other institutions from Bachelor degree. Some courses and departments have higher entry requirements as well as other admissions criteria. Please see individual courses for more information or email our admissions team at

The application deadline for October 2023 entry for Masters applicants from India who require a student visa is 12.00pm (BST) on 13 February 2023 for Essex Business School Southend courses, 12.00pm (BST) on 28 April 2023 for Essex Business School Colchester courses, and 12.00pm (BST) on 26 May 2023 for all other postgraduate taught courses, unless otherwise specified on the course listing.

We also have a range of Foundation Programmes available through our partner Kaplan International Colleges if you do not meet these grades. Please visit University of Essex International College for further information.

Postgraduate Research 

For entry to Research degrees, please refer to the entry requirements for the degree that you are interested in. 

An undergraduate degree equivalent to a UK 2:2 (see the grade information above), and a master's degree with a good grade is required for most PhD programmes, in addition to a well-developed research proposal in a field in which we can offer supervision. Please have a read through our information for research degree applicants and check the course details for your chosen programme for further information about entry criteria.

Scholarships and funding

Our South Asia Regional Scholarship offers £4,000 scholarships to undergraduate students from India. Please visit the link for further details about eligibility.

Our Academic Excellence International Masters Scholarship scheme offers £4,000 tuition fee discounts to high achieving masters students from India. Please visit the link for further details about eligibility.

The University of Essex GREAT Scholarships in partnership with the British Council offer £10,000 awards as at tuition fee discount for students on any one-year taught Masters (MA, MSc or LLM, excluding East 15 courses) from specified countries, including India. Find out more about eligibility criteria and the application process through the link above. Applications close 31 May 2023.

We also offer generous Performance Sports scholarships and bursaries, with up to a 100% tuition fee discount and other exclusive benefits included for talented athletes playing at national, regional or international level.
Please visit our Scholarships pages for information about additional funding opportunities.

Masters with Professional Placements

If you'd like to put your skills and ideas to practice, we offer a range of two-year Masters degrees including a professional work placement in the second year. These courses are offered in a range of different fields of study and will give you a competitive edge in applying your studies in the workplace. Browse the courses and find out more about the opportunities available.

Please note that you’ll be responsible for securing your own work placement, but if you change your mind or decide not to do your placement, or if you are not able to secure a placement, you can start your dissertation earlier and complete your Masters in the first year.

Careers support

Working during your studies as part of established placements, part-time job postings, industry networking and start-up support are just some of the many opportunities available for you to boost your career prospects while studying at Essex. Find out more about our Careers and employability services and how you can benefit from these during your time at Essex and even after you graduate.

Our student societies

We’ve got over 100 clubs and societies at Essex, including our amazing Indian society, where you’ll have the chance to:

  • Join our Diwali Ball
  • Cook and enjoy Indian food
  • Celebrate the Holi festival
  • Partake in society socials

Explore the Indian society

Join in the conversation and get to know other students with the society's Facebook page.

Why should you study here?

Central London is easily accessible from all of our campuses
£4,000 undergraduate scholarships through our South Asia Regional Scholarships
We have a range of job opportunities giving you first hand work experience whilst you study
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Meet us in India

We have a regional office based in New Delhi, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

If you'd like to meet us please get in touch by email with our India Regional Office at

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Hear from our Indian students


Parina Jain
Though my journey here at Essex was short, it was very engaging. I pursued a full-time MBA while also actively taking part in sessions conducted by Essex StartUps. It is indeed an amazing platform for learning. I attended Business Weekender, Non-Technical App Development Worship, and the highly regarded 10-week group consultation project, ITeams. Doing these sessions in parallel to my MBA led me to active thinking, application of theories in practice, and refining my management skills. Apart from this, I also got a unique opportunity to be part of EIRA Innovation Weekender 2020, a platform where I met like-minded people from different universities, who came together to pitch an interesting business idea to solve a current problem. I got a chance to work on Pepsi - Quaker Oats, providing me with a fantastic opportunity to network, hone my entrepreneurial skills and explore my maximum potential. With all this experience, I feel more confident to undertake my consultancy project as part of the MBA Project work. 
Parina Jain THE ESSEX mba
I chose to study The Essex MBA in order to broaden my knowledge of different business sectors, and was very impressed by the breadth of study options offered. I gained vital skills through intriguing modules and also had opportunities to gain valuable experience through organised visits to HSBC, through which I was introduced to the banking industry. With the knowledge and skills I gained, it was wonderful to graduate with so many different sectors available to me in which I could develop and excel in my chosen career. I'm currently working as a Senior Business Consultant at Virtusa UK LTD, which I could not have done without The Essex MBA.
Farha Aman The essex mba
As an international student, I found the UK to be an attractive destination for higher education for several reasons. Firstly, I wanted to study in a country that has a reputation for providing high-quality education, with a strong emphasis on research and innovation. The UK is known for its world-class universities, which offer a wide range of courses and programmes to cater to diverse interests and career goals. The academic standards are high, and the universities follow a rigorous curriculum that ensures that students are well-prepared for the job market. Another reason why I chose to study in the UK is because of its multicultural society. The UK is home to people from all over the world, which provides an excellent opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds and learn from them. I believed that studying in such an environment would broaden my horizons and prepare me to work in a globalized world. Additionally, I was interested in exploring job opportunities in the UK and abroad. The UK has a strong economy with plenty of job opportunities for graduates. As an international student, I was eligible to work part-time during my studies, which helped me gain practical experience and earn some money. Moreover, the UK has a friendly and welcoming environment for international students, with a well-established support system in place to help them adjust to the new culture and lifestyle. In terms of job opportunities, the UK has a diverse and competitive job market, offering opportunities in different sectors and industries. As a graduate of an international business programme, I could pursue careers in multinational corporations, financial institutions, consulting firms, government agencies, or start my own business. The programme also prepared me to work in different countries and cultures, which could broaden my career prospects and open up new opportunities. I am now working as a Business Analyst at Metlife India.
Shasaank Rajput MSc international business and entrepreneurship 
I particularly like the fact that the course covers a wide array of topics in telecommunications. As we are able to choose from a selection of optional courses, it is easy to tailor the course to my interests. The staff members in the Department are highly qualified and experienced in their area of research. They are extremely helpful and I have gained a great deal from their knowledge and experience. The course itself has given me good breadth of knowledge in the field of telecommunications and helped me to make an informed decision about my research area, enabling me to effectively carry out independent research in the future. 
Shravan Nagraj MSc Telecommunications and Information Systems
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