Inaugural Essex PhD Conference in Applied Economics

How to apply

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Applicants are invited to submit an extended abstract of no more than two pages (not including references), with at least one-inch (2.5 cm) margins and font size 12pt. One additional page may be included for figures and tables. The abstract must clearly outline the following:

  1. Background and motivation
  2. Questions and objective
  3. Data and methods
  4. Key results (if any)
  5. Research significance and contribution

Submissions must be named as LastName_FirstName. Only one submission is allowed per applicant; if multiple submissions are made, only the earliest one will be considered for evaluation by the scientific committee.

Please ensure the abstract does not contain your name, contact details, institution, or any other identifying information. Failure to comply with these instructions will automatically lead to the exclusion of the paper from the evaluation process.


The conference will have two kinds of presentation sessions:

  • A "full presentation" consisting of a 20-minute talk, a 5-minute discussion led by another conference speaker and a further 5-minute Q&A session with the audience (a total of 30 minutes).
  • A “flash presentation” consisting of a 5-minute talk and a 5-minute Q&A session with the audience (a total of 10 minutes).

Please specify whether you would like your submission to be considered for a full presentation, a flash presentation, or both. We will always prioritise allocating a slot in a full presentation session if both options are selected.

Alongside presenting their own work, the conference will also offer participants the opportunity to act as discussants for other presenters in their session, according to their field of research. Discussants will be sent the paper they shall be discussing two weeks prior to the conference, and shall have to prepare 3-4 slides to lead a 5-minute discussion before the audience Q&A session begins.

Please indicate in the application form whether you are interested in serving as a discussant.


The deadline for submissions is 3 January 2024 11:59 PM (GMT). Applicants will be notified of decisions latest by mid-February 2024.


For any concerns or queries regarding the application process, please get in touch with us at