A conference in honour of Professor Françoise Hampson

  • Fri 8 Mar 19

    09:00 - 17:00

  • Colchester Campus

    The HEX, University of Essex

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  • Event organiser

    Human Rights Centre

The Human Rights Centre are hosting a conference in honour of Professor Françoise Hampson, an Emeritus Professor of Law from the Human Rights Centre and School of Law at the University of Essex.

Françoise has expertly bridged the gap between academia and practice. Over the course of her career, Françoise has been at the forefront of both fields of international human rights law and the law of armed conflict, while bringing her practical experience to bear on her teaching and research activities.

This all-day conference celebrates Françoise’s contributions by using her work as a means to explore some of the most pressing and enduring challenges confronting international law. The conference will bring together some of the most prominent experts in this field to discuss matters relating to the European Convention on Human Rights, the law of armed conflict, and the operationalisation of international law. The conference will conclude with reflections from Françoise.

Speakers include Professor Başak Çalı, Professor Charles Garraway, Professor Geoff Gilbert, Professor Karen Hulme, Professor Philip Leach, Professor Noam Lubell, Professor Lorna McGregor, Michael O’Boyle, Jelena Pejic, Aisling Reidy, Professor Clara Sandoval, Professor Marco Sassoli, and Elizabeth Wilmshurst.

Full details about the programme including timings and registration will be announced soon.

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