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Keeping it together, when we're apart

Taking care of our mental, physical and spiritual health is key to maintaining a sense of well being in the face of uncertainty.

The University of Essex is inviting you to join us as we host a series of digital events to keep the community engaged online.

We welcome you as we open our digital doors and find creative ways to maintain our sense of wellbeing and connectedness. From fitness sessions to art classes, there will be something here for everyone and every age.

Join our truly global community online as we continue to explore, question, create and persevere together.



Feelings of wellbeing are essential to maintaining a healthy and positive outlook in body and mind. From mindfulness techniques to learning more about a healthy back posture, we have plenty of activities to help you maintain good habits at home.


Staying indoors doesn't have to be boring but thinking of new things to do can be a challenge. Join us as we help you keep the boredom at bay.


Improve sleep, reduce anxiety, boost self confidence and increase the feel good vibes! The benefits of keeping active are endless, so join us as we show you how to get moving at home.


 Doing something creative for a few minutes a day can be a wonderful way to pass the time and even manage underlying anxiety. Find everything from creative talks to theatre workshops, perfect for adults and children alike.


Faith can be crucial to our sense of self, strength, resilience and comfort. It does not have to be tied to a particular religion or spirituality. Join us online as we come together to celebrate and support the spiritual needs of our diverse community.

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Looking for more online events to keep the mind active and the boredom at bay? Visit our events calendar to stay up to date with the very latest online seminars and workshops.

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