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Freud Memorial Lecture

Sigmund Freud

Join us for our annual Freud Memorial Lecture

Our annual Freud Memorial Lecture is a special event for our Department, which attracts quality speakers from a variety of fields.

We bring together academics, students and the public to engage in lively debates on the fascinating work of Freud.


Our 2021 event

More Than One Can Live: Reconceiving Harm and Reparation in the Intersubjective World

This lecture juxtaposed the intrapsychic idea of reparation, based on understanding the unconscious anxieties of harming the love object, with the intersubjective ideas of repairing rupture and restoring recognition. That is, it aimed to use and also reformulate the Kleinian idea of reparation of the internal object.

Our Speaker

Dr Jessica Benjamin is best known as the author of  The Bonds of Love (1988),  which is translated into many languages, and of the  currently most frequently cited article on PEP-Web, “Beyond Doer and Done To: An Intersubjective View of Thirdness” (2004), the basis for her recent book Beyond Doer and done To: Recognition Theory, In Beyond Doer and done To: Recognition Theory, Intersubjectivity and the Third (2018).  In addition she is the author of   Like Subjects, Love Objects (1995); and Shadow of the Other (1998).   

She is a supervisor and faculty member of the  New York University Postdoctoral Psychology program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis and the Stephen Mitchell Relational Studies Center where she is a founder and board member. In addition to her private practice in New York City she lectures, teaches and supervises at numerous institutes throughout the United States,  and throughout world.  In 2015 she was awarded the Hans Kilian prize at the University of the Ruhr in Bochum, Germany, the largest European award for work that joins psychoanalysis with the humanities. From 2004-2010 she initiated and directed  “The Acknowledgement Project”  involving Israeli and Palestinian mental health practitioners and international dialogue leader.

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