Annual student conference

Large group of students at a conference

Our 2017 conference

The theme was 'The World in Conflict' and included speeches by:

What is the conference?

Each one-day conference is held in April and brings our students together, across all years, who are interested in political science, economics and human rights.

Students present and discuss topics with peers and academics. The conference format includes an introduction to the day, guest speakers and presentation of papers to panels of peers and academics.

More than 200 students have attended previous conferences and many presented their own, original political science research and projects.

Presenting papers

Our students present papers on a variety of topics. Presenting at a student panel is a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills, create new ideas and discussions, and meet new people.

There's no restrictions on the paper topic as long as it is related to political studies and presentations can be based on previous work, done as individuals or in pairs. 

Get in touch
Let us know if you have any questions about the conference, or papers that are presented.