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Banks and Financial Markets in Times of Uncertainty

The Essex Finance Centre is proud to bring you the 2017 EFiC Conference in Banking and Finance. This year's conference will explore 'banks and financial markets in times of uncertainty'.

The event will bring together leading academics, practitioners and policy makers from across banking and finance to hear state-of-the-art research, exchange ideas and network. The symposium provides a forum to reflect on trends in financial and banking markets nearly 10 years since the start of the global financial crisis. It will be the ideal setting for discussing the future of research and policy.

  • Location: Essex Business School, Colchester Campus
  • Date: Friday 7 and Saturday 8 July 2017

Authors of selected papers will be invited to consider submission to a special issue of The European Journal of Finance. More details will be circulated after the conference.

Delegates may also be interested in attending the 2017 FINEST Summer Workshop on the day before the event.


We welcome papers in the following areas:

  • asset pricing
  • banking
  • behavioural finance
  • commodity markets
  • corporate finance
  • financing of SMEs
  • financial econometrics
  • big data
  • international finance
  • corporate finance
  • portfolio and risk management


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Local organising committee

Steering committee/co-chairs

PhD Session

  • Dr Winifred Huang-Meier

Scientific committee



The conference takes place at our Colchester Campus. Colchester is an hour away from London by train.

Memorial lecture

John NankervisWe are pleased to announce that the fifth annual EFiC memorial lecture will be given by Professor Brendan McCabe, Professor of Econometrics at the University of Liverpool, in celebration of John Nankervis, former Professor of Finance at Essex Business School.

John died in 2012 and is hugely missed by his colleagues.

An outstanding researcher, John’s work was published in many of the top journals in econometrics, including: Econometrica; the Journal of Econometrics; the Journal of the American Statistical Association; the Journal of Business Economics and Statistics; Econometric Theory and the Econometrics Journal. His work was also published in leading international economics and finance journals, such as the International Economic Review, the Journal of Empirical Finance and the European Journal of Finance.