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Ben Vonberg-Clark conduction University of Essex Choir in rehearsal

Rehearsals and Choir information

If you are not yet a member and are interested in joining the choir, please email

Autumn Term 2022

Concert: Saturday 10 December

Rehearsals schedule:

Rehearsals are held weekly during Autumn and Spring University terms as follows:

  • On Thursdays – 7.00 pm - 9.00 pm - breaks for Christmas and Easter
  • In the Lecture Theatre Building – LTB 6/7 on the Colchester campus

Full autumn term rehearsal schedule

  • Thursday 6 October
  • Thursday 13 October
  • Thursday 20 October
  • Thursday 27 October – no rehearsal (half term)
  • Thursday 3 November
  • Thursday 10 November
  • Thursday 17 November
  • Thursday 24 November
  • Thursday 1 December
  • Thursday 8 December

Hire or buy music

You can buy or hire music through the choir through our Librarian. There should be scores to hire/buy on a first come first served basis for new and existing choir members.

Learning the Music

Don’t worry if you’re not experienced in sight-singing. Some people will be proficient at this whilst others will be gaining experience and learning the pieces slowly. Ben will be aware if there are sections of music that the choir is struggling with and will take time to go over pieces repeatedly during the term. To help yourself:

  • Aim for 100% attendance at rehearsals
  • Arrive on time and stay for the whole of the rehearsal
  • Bring a pencil and rubber to every rehearsal so you can write down Ben’s instructions in your music

Voice Reps

There is a voice rep for each vocal part. You will meet yours at rehearsals and he/she will provide you with contact details. Your voice rep will:

  • Keep an attendance record - if you arrive late, please inform your voice rep
  • Allocate seating for the performances and ensure that arrangements needed for any disabilities are notified to the concert manager
  • If you need to miss a rehearsal, please let your voice rep know

Selling tickets

The choir is funded by members’ subscriptions and by selling tickets. So please encourage your friends to come to hear you sing.

Book tickets


  • Existing members- £180.
  • New members - £100 for the first year
  • New graduates - £100 in their first year
  • University of Essex students-  £18  - you first buy membership from the Student Union for £5, then pay £18 to the choir. Your £5 is returned to you later.
  • Under 18s - £18

University of Essex Choir rehearsing
University of Essex Choir rehearsing
Some of the University of Essex Choir rehearsing
Some of the University of Essex Choir rehearsing