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Sharing specialist research on work, organisation and society

Our seminars, workshops, themed conferences and other events, including our annual PhD student conference, are a vital part of the Centre for Work and Organisation research culture.

They provide a vibrant focal point for sharing ideas and interests, for exploring emerging projects and for disseminating research findings and insights. They are an invaluable opportunity for showcasing our work with established research collaborators and for exploring emerging opportunities with potential colleagues and future research partners.

"We know that dialogue is at the heart of intellectual innovation and the co-production of knowledge, and is the basis of the kind of supportive infrastructure that will enable research and researchers to flourish. Our seminars, workshops and themed conferences are a vital part of our research culture."
Dr Sophie Hales, Co-Director & Seminar Co-Ordinator CENTRE FOR WORK, ORGANISATION AND SOCIETY

Our events

A selection of our recent events

We host a fortnightly research seminar series as well as visiting scholars, research collaborations and conferences.

Highlights from our previous events

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Seminar Co-ordinator Dr Sophie Hales
University of Essex
Director of the Centre for Work, Organisation and Society (CWOS) Professor Melissa Tyler
University of Essex