Trustworthy Data Science

Our vision for IADS is to use analytics and data science to develop lasting solutions that transform the world for the benefit of individuals and communities. 

The data revolution has brought many benefits across all elements of human life, but it also introduces new fundamental challenges. These include the need to classify and share data faster and more efficiently, the need to understand the impact of fast moving and new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and blockchain on data applications, the need to store, share and use data securely and ensure data privacy and reliability, the need to create data strategies that maximise the opportunities provided by the large amounts of data we create, and the need to understand the ethical and legal issues related to data science and analytics. 

At IADS we believe it is important to transform the way we approach data science from a data-centric only approach (where the focus is on creating, analysing and storing data from a pure technical perspective) to a socio-technical data science approach. A socio-technical data science approach requires an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach that focuses on understanding the dynamic interplay between data, human and technology. The technology part is influenced by the technological advancements that are taking place (e.g., Artificial intelligence, cybersecurity), while the human element refers to the links and impact of using data systems and technology on humans (as examined for instance within social sciences, economics and politics, legal and regulatory frameworks and humanities to name a few).

To ensure these core elements cohere in the production of impactful research and innovation, the concept of trustworthiness is crucial, as the future of data science depends on providing solutions based on data and technology that people can trust and work with. Trustworthiness in the context of data science and artificial intelligence is a concept that encompasses a number of important constituent and underpinning elements including robustness, explainability, responsibility, transparency, security and privacy. 

Portrait of Professor Haris Mouratidis
"Our mission is to be a world-class centre of excellence on trustworthy data science and analytics that produces transformational research and collaborates with local, national and international partners to deliver disruptive innovation and maximise impact."
Professor Haris Mouratidis Director of IADS