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ExCess is a world leading centre for Experimental Social Sciences.

ExCess is bringing together researchers across the social sciences and continues to push intellectual and policy boundaries, while training and supporting the next generation of experimental social scientists for the future.
Research interests, projects and publications have been wide-ranging from lab experiments testing economic theory, to interventions in the field and large survey studies.

Our research


September 2021

  • The Eastern Arc workshop will take place on September 8th and 9th at the University of Kent and feature lots of interesting research by ExCESS members including Ahrash Dianat, Friederike Mengel, Ceren Baysan, Simon Weidenholzer and Lisa Spantig.


August 2021

Two ExCESS members' research is forthcoming in JEBO. Find the article below:

  • Friedman, Daniel and Zhao, Shuchen, When Are Mixed Equilibria Relevant? (May 21, 2021).
  • Lisa Spantig, Cash in hand and savings decisions. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. Volume 188, 2021, Pages 1206-1220.
  • Dennie van Dolder will be joining as the director of Essex Lab. Dennie says: "Controlled experiments are an invaluable tool to learn more about human judgment and decision making. As director of ESSEXLab, I will dedicate myself to promote and facilitate experimental social science research at the University of Essex. I am excited to join such a vibrant academic community.”

 July 2021

  • ExCESS member Ceren Baysan becomes a member of JPAL.
  • ExCESS members Christoph Siemroth and Simon Weidenholzer have first results for their ESRC grant. Under the grant they use experimental methods both in the lab and in the field to understand how and why people use fintech, such as robo-advice, crowdfunding platforms, and copy-trading. In a first study they discovered that crowdfunding is popular, because it allows investors to choose exactly what project their funds are used for, which is not possible when investing through more conventional channels such as banks or funds.

June 2021

The associated research can be found below: 

May 2021

April 2021

  • Behavioural and Experimental Mini-Conference on April 9 2021. If you'd like more information or a zoom link please email the centre.

March 2021

  • Research conducted at Essex Lab forthcoming at the International Economic Review.

February 2021 

ExCess members in the media for their Covid Research. 

The associated research papers can be found below: 

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