Why live on campus?

Going to university is an exciting moment in your life when you take that step into a world of opportunity and discovery.  Up there with choosing your subject and your university, is the decision about whether to move into student accommodation or live at home.  Even if you live close enough to commute to your classes, it is worth considering all the added benefits that living on campus can provide.

1. Develop independence

Going to university is, for most, the first step away from home and into a world of self-determination. It is a chance to develop your own identity and embrace the sense of freedom that comes with having your own space and personal autonomy.  You can personalise your space with photos, plants, posters and knick-knacks and turn your bedroom into a sanctuary.

2. Gain important life skills

Living away from home will give you the chance to develop valuable skills and learn a sense of responsibility that will benefit you throughout your life. Learning to cook, clean, do the laundry, manage your money and manage your time are all critical life skills that living independently can give you. 

3. Experience other cultures

Universities welcome students from around the world and you’ll be opened up to opportunities to learn about other cultures. Our diverse student population at Essex represents over 140 nationalities and 30 different cultures. If you’re lucky enough to have a broad mix of students from a range of backgrounds in your accommodation, you’ll have the chance to build friendships and taste food from different parts of the world.

4. Get that total university experience

Living on campus at Essex means being right at the heart of the action 24/7. Our Southend Campus is in the middle of the city and our main Colchester campus is self-contained with countless sporting and entertainment options available right on your doorstep, so you’ll be able to get involved from day one.  

Alongside the facilities you’d expect such as our Albert Sloman library where you can find seven floors of study resources and research areas, there are social facilities including bars, clubs, even a theatre and a cinema on campus. For sports lovers we have a spacious fully equipped gym, our incredible 1600-seater sports arena, indoor and outdoor courts, football and rugby pitches and 40 acres of green space for walking, running or playing our 18-hole disc golf course. Having everything at your finger tips means you'll always be involved in life at Essex.

5. Don’t miss out!

With events on campus throughout the academic year, why would you want to be anywhere else but right here?  Living on campus gives you direct access to attend events at any time, and you’ll be back in your accommodation talking to your housemates about your experience in just a few minutes. At Essex, we have everything from nature tours, sporting events and talks by artists, writers and academics to live music and movie screenings.

Students in the kitchen in the houses

6. Immerse yourself in the university community

Living at university means being immersed in a community of students from around the world, coming together through common interests. Our Essex Students’ Union offers a multitude of societies, volunteering opportunities, and jobs on campus to give you experience and put some extra money in your pocket. Whatever your passion, you’re sure to find like-minded students to share it with. Whether your interest is political or cultural, sporting or musical, there is an SU society to suit all tastes.  Essex even has an allotment where keen gardening students grow vegetables that they can cook in their own kitchens!

7. Get easier access to opportunities

When you’re on campus, you’re best placed to take up opportunities that will give your CV a boost and your career chances the edge.  Being present on campus throughout the duration of your course will mean you’ll be in a good position to hear about vacancies and events, attend evening seminars and take up volunteering work. There are numerous seminars and workshops on campus to help you with those career or study skills that you’ll find invaluable. 

8. Receive support from Residence Life coordinators

Our Residence Life Co-ordinators are there to welcome you and help you settle in to your university accommodation, and answer any questions you might have about life on campus. Its such a bonus to have that help close at hand when you first start at university from students who already know the ropes and can share first-hand insider knowledge.

9. Take away the stress of commuting

When you’ve had a late night and you’ve got classes the next morning, the last thing you need is an early commute.  Staying on campus takes away the stress of running for that last minute train or bus, not to mention putting up with all those annoying rail strikes! Of course, you wouldn’t make a habit of it, but having a room on campus does mean you could fall out of bed and straight into your lecture!

10.Get financial support if you need it

Living in university accommodation doesn’t have to be expensive and for those who need support, our Essex Futures Bursary includes a discount on accommodation of up to £2000 for students from households earning £35,000 or less.

Have a browse through our numerous accommodation options and find your sanctuary.