This Valentine's Day, we're celebrating more than just love stories. We're celebrating the incredible journeys of those who found love right here at Essex.


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Iolanda and James

"On the evening of his PhD graduation ceremony James proposed and we've been together more than 14 years. We now live in the UAE and have the most wonderful two year old daughter."

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Roxana and Matthew 

On the right, Roxana and Matthew together on Square 4. On the left, a recent photo of them and their dog.


"We met in William Morris to chat about looking for a house to rent. It wasn't love at first sight, but he did make a good impression with his tidy room, and his mismatching socks caught my attention." 

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Raudhah and Fran

On the left, Raudhah and Fran at Essex in the library. On the right, Raudhah and Fran now.

"We both came from different parts of the world and Essex connected us. I’m Asian. He’s European. Time and cultural differences were challenging but we love despite. "

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Clare and Simon

On the right, Clare and Simon dressed up for a ball. On the right, a more recent photo of them both, in the outdoors, Clare wearing sunglasses.

"I met Simon in the SU bar in October 1996. Typical dates would include pizza and beer at the SU, meals at Tandoori Hut and Valentinos, going to the cinema and a visit to Vagabonds Cafe (now gone!)."

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