Clare Jones (BSc Chemistry, 1997) and Simon Rizello (BSc Computer Science, 1997; MSc Computer Science, 1999) 

I met Simon in the SU bar in October 1996. Typical dates would include pizza and beer at the SU, meals at Tandoori Hut and Valentinos, going to the cinema and a visit to Vagabonds Cafe (now gone!) We also enjoyed sitting by the lakes at sunset.

We've been together for 25 years (married 13), with 2 children and live in London. We still talk about Essex and Wivenhoe and try to visit when we can. Essex is a very special university (I've studied and worked in many, and nothing compares!). It's all the more special because it was there that I met someone more nerdy and into science than me!

On the right, Clare and Simon dressed up for a ball. On the right, a more recent photo of them both, in the outdoors, Clare wearing sunglasses.