Stefania Liontiri (MSc Organisation Studies and Human Resource Management, 2011) and Rodrigo Castellanos De Castro (MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 2011).

Rodrigo and I met in October 2010 in an entrepreneurship class, where our professor was Professor Jay Mitra.  We started dating a month later in November. We we both lived in campus accommodation, I was in house 3 and Rodrigo in house 5. We loved walking in the parks and by the Southend seaside. 

Rodrigo is from Colombia, and I am from Greece so we thought the chances that the relationship would last for both of us. So we decided to cherish every single moment there as we knew it would end soon. 

At the end of our Masters, we decided to give it a try. We got married in 2013, live in Greece and now we have 2 daughters. 

We have been back to Essex a couple of times, we keep it in our hearts! And of course we are still in touch with Professor Mitra! It's thanks to him and his class that we met.

Thank you University of Essex for our beautiful story, for our beautiful life!

On the left, Stefania and Rodrigo at a Christmas ball at Essex in 2010. On the right, a photo of them together in 2021.