Essex Vlogs07 June 2022

Weathering This Storm: Brain Injury and Health Policy - Brighter Futures

Episode 2 - Brain injury will have an impact on one in six people across their lifetime in UK, but is often stigmatised, misunderstood or not treated effectively.

Every day around 1,000 people will end up at A&E either due to a head injury or damage to the brain due to a medical condition such as a stroke.

They need acute care, but how do we look after people in the aftermath of their injury to the brain?

Professor Andrew Bateman from the School of Health and Social Care talks to Professor Jules Pretty about the invisible consequences which need to be understood so the right support can be provided.

Professor Bateman explains that many people are not getting the rehabilitation they need and the situation has worsened due to COVID-19’s impact on services.

Brighter Futures is the film series from the Centre for Public and Policy Engagement at the University of Essex about how research can improve policy and change people's lives.

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