Over the last ten-year period, Provide Community has been working closely with the University of Essex to help grow its research capabilities and offer exciting new opportunities for students.

Both of our organisations care deeply about innovation and making a long-lasting impact on local communities. Having invested just over £440,000 in various projects since the beginning of our partnership, we are committed to supporting the University and contributing as much as we can to learning and research.

Past investments have involved PhD training in pulmonary rehabilitation and the development of AI triage software, just two of many collaborative projects that have helped enhance the educational experience and employability of students.

Our latest investment, a new fellowship in the Institute of Public Health and Wellbeing will help us achieve even more. 

Promoting learning

The University is a highly-regarded institution that attracts students from all across the UK and has facilitated years of high-quality and original research since its inception in 1964. We have a deep appreciation for the way the University operates, and feel that our ongoing partnership brings together two significant players in the health and wellbeing space throughout Essex.

Inspired by the University’s commitment to carrying out high-quality research, I am keen to steer Provide in the direction of learning. Investing in important research is a long-lasting way of giving back to the community, as new findings can play a huge role in shaping health and social care services for future generations.

Opening future opportunities

We are funding a new fellowship in the Institute of Public Health and Wellbeing. This represents a unique opportunity for a talented researcher, with the added funding providing access to world-renowned research on a variety of specialist subjects. These opportunities do not end once the three-year fellowship comes to a close. There may also be an option of joining the Provide Community to conduct further research after the fellowship is complete.

Long-term relationship

A value that both myself and the rest of my colleagues at Provide Community feel is essential to the running of the organisation is care. As a non-commercial business, our sole purpose is to ensure that we give something back to local communities and provide support to organisations working to make a difference.

Provide Community is keen to continue strengthening its relationship with local communities through education and learning. We are always eager to help create powerful pathways for talented graduates, which is why we’ve continually taken on and funded the salaries of Essex graduates since 2014.

The health and social care landscape is constantly evolving, which is why I believe it’s important for both of our organisations to work together to shape our portfolio of education and training programmes. We’ve had a successful partnership over the last ten years, which we hope will continue long into the future.