Our mental health employers toolkit is designed to improve policy and practice in the management of mental health in the workplace. The information within the kit is based on case studies and insights from employers from the public, private and social enterprise sectors in Essex and the surrounding areas.

This toolkit covers:

  • Urges employers to note the benefits of having someone with lived mental health experience on the team
  • The importance of creating an environment where an employee can disclose their mental health condition right at the start of their employment
  • Illustrates how good leadership and governance is required to allow that person to put their experience to good use – both in the education of the team around them and in dealing with external clients facing similar issues
  • Drills down to look at the stigma surrounding mental health
  • The role of stress and pressure
  • Practical initiatives that can be taken to foster a more positive view of mental health in the workplace
  • What someone returning to work after a period of mental illness may need.