Dr Louise Nash

Essex Business School

Dr Louise Nash is Director of Postgraduate Research. She joined academia after a career in management. Her academic research interest is in people’s lived experiences at work, with a particular focus on the importance of place and the spatial and temporal rhythms of everyday working life. She also research's the experience of neuro-diverse individuals in the workplace, gender in the workplace, and have a strong interest in visual and embodied research methods. Louse welcome's inquiries from potential PhD students on a variety of topics, including but not exclusively: * The spatial aspects of working life, especially place and its relationship to work, and the importance of rhythm to working life * Inclusion and belonging in the workplace, particularly with reference to gender and to neuro-diversity * The culture, aesthetics and symbolism of organisational life * Exploring and developing sensory and embodied methods for exploring working life * Qualitative explorations of working within the financial sector. Louise Nash
Louise Nash headshot