Biochemistry is a fascinating field that explores the chemical processes in living organisms, covering everything from genetics and microbiology to forensics and medicine. In the last century, incredible progress has transformed this area of study, making it an exciting time to get involved.


Undergraduate degrees

Biochemistry delves into fundamental chemical processes, covering genetics, microbiology, forensics, and medicine.

Studying biochemistry at Essex means gaining a profound understanding of life's molecular intricacies, guided by our international team of experts. Specialising in biomolecular structure-function relationships, we unravel the complex cellular pathways controlling vision and cell death. We also use computational approaches and bioinformatics to complement our research.

In your final year, dive into cutting-edge research projects in our state-of-the-art labs. At Essex, we shape you into a scientific thinker, fostering a mindset and approach that mirrors the world of scientists.

Why study here?
  • We are ranked 10th for biosciences for overall positivity score (National Student Survey 2023, English Broad Discipline Institutions).
  • Our research facilities include protein crystallisation robots, protein over-production facilities, CO2 incubators, and cell imaging microscopes.
  • Student support is at the core of everything we do. We provide a personal tutor, a peer mentor, access to societies run by students within the school and friendly, supportive academic staff to guide you through your studies.
Student in a lab coat performing an experiment
Student in a lab coat performing an experiment
Biochemistry student in a small lab using a microscope to conduct research
Biochemistry student in a small lab using a microscope to conduct research

Career prospects

Graduating opens doors to diverse careers in industries like the NHS, pharmaceuticals, forensic science, health and safety, and teaching. Our alumni excel in laboratory roles within pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, hospitals, clinics, and healthcare companies. Some venture into sales, publishing, or management, while others pursue MSc or PhD degrees to enhance career opportunities. Biochemistry and biomedical science courses are excellent foundations for postgraduate medicine programs, with many graduates securing spots in medical schools across the UK. Find out more about career prospects with our School of Life Sciences.

Selfie of Bethany
"Biochemistry offers a lot, you can focus solely on biochemistry, or mix it up with modules like biophysics or bioinformatics. I really enjoyed my final research project, it was my first taste of what research would be like. I had a great relationship with my supervisor, he was patient and always willing to explain things."
Bethany Hampshire BSc Biochemistry

Masters degrees

Explore the dynamic field of biochemistry at Essex, where our friendly and supportive atmosphere creates an enriching learning environment. Our commitment to a cutting-edge curriculum ensures you stay at the forefront of the field, benefiting from the latest advancements and applications in biochemistry. Led by professionals with real-world experience, our expert-led education prepares you for the challenges of the professional world.

Take advantage of distinctive research opportunities within our courses, where you can engage in a 16-week project in academic, industrial, or clinical settings. This hands-on experience enhances your practical skills, setting you apart in the competitive job market. Our carefully crafted courses equip you with industry-relevant skills, making you well-prepared for success upon graduation.

Why study here?
  • Undertake a personalised 16-week research project within academic, industrial, or clinical settings, fostering hands-on experience.
  • Explore specialised modules guided by academic experts, industry professionals, and clinicians within the rich academic and hospital environment.
  • Emerge as a graduate equipped with sought-after skills and expertise, aligning perfectly with industry demands.
"I decided to study at Essex because it offered the best modules for acquiring the necessary skills, as well as the opportunity to put these skills into practice. The work-based research project at Cancer Research UK enabled me to enter a real research environment and learn practical skills first-hand from people with great knowledge."
Ryan Blake MSc Cancer Biology, 2017

Research degrees

From genes to ecosystems, our research spans the entire biological spectrum, employing state-of-the-art techniques covering all the biological sciences including biochemistry, biomedical science, environmental biology, marine biology, ecology, statistics, and computational approaches for biologists.

As one of the largest schools at our university, we prioritise creating a vibrant, friendly, and supportive environment. Alongside this commitment, our dedicated study room ensures that all students have access to office space and essential resources, fostering focused academic work outside of research laboratories. Complementing this, our unique professional development scheme for doctoral students sets us apart, offering unique opportunities for growth and success.

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Explore our biochemistry research by theme or your area of interest and find a supervisor that can support your through your studies. More information can be found about research degrees on our school pages. Our courses below will help guide you through the various research degree programmes we offer.

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