SWAE equipment (Smart Working At Essex)

Your SWAE equipment

Your equipment

  • Everyone gets a laptop, headset, and laptop bag.
  • If you work on campus and at home (hybrid worker), you also get an additional laptop dock to take home with you. You can also request one monitor and a keyboard and mouse for home (optional).
  • If you work only on campus, you will not receive the additional home equipment
  • All office desks on campus are equipped with two monitors, a laptop dock and a keyboard and mouse.

Getting your equipment

When your department moves onto SWAE, or you move to a department already using SWAE, you will be informed of the date for collecting your equipment. You will also be given access to the SWAE Moodle course which provides guidance on getting started.

Using your equipment


Our recommended way of installing software is through our Software Hub.

For more information about software and requesting additional software, please visit our Software page.

Teams telephony

SWAE departments have migrated onto Teams Telephony and traditional desktop telephones are no longer provided.

Your extension number and your existing phone groups and shared numbers will remain the same and you will be provided with a headset to make and receive calls.


All SWAE devices will automatically connect to the University's VPN service.

More information

Revisit the Moodle course to see if your question has been answered.

Guidance for managers

Requesting equipment for new starters

If you have a new member of staff starting, you are responsible for notifying DITS with the equipment they will need. Please complete the SWAE new starters form on their behalf at least 10 business days prior to their start date.

Staff moving to or from your department

If a staff member is moving to, or from your department, please notify DITS by completing the SWAE Staff Movers Form.

This will allow DITS to provide any required support and ensure the staff member moves into the new role with the correct hardware and software.

Returning equipment if staff leave

As a line manager, you are required to fill out the equipment for staff leavers form and arrange the return of the equipment. Please ensure this form is filled out prior to the staff member leaving.

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