VPN and remote access

VPN (GlobalProtect)

Our VPN (Virtual Private Network) lets you connect your device to the University network when you are working remotely.

You can connect to the VPN using software called GlobalProtect.

If you are using a University laptop then GlobalProtect is already installed and configured, so you can get connected straight away.

If you are using a personal device or if your University laptop does not have GlobalProtect already installed, see our setup instructions for your device:

GlobalProtect for Windows
GlobalProtect for macOS
GlobalProtect for Android or iOS
GlobalProtect for Linux
GlobalProtect with VNC
GlobalProtect with SSH

Don't have VPN access? Please submit a VPN request form (login required).

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop lets you remotely access your staff computer on campus (if you have one), our virtual desktop service, and sernt43 for remote ESIS access.

How to connect to Remote Desktop

Guidance on remote access

Most of our services don't require VPN or Remote Desktop - so only use it when you need to.

Service VPN required Web address
Moodle No http://moodle.essex.ac.uk
FASER No http://faser.essex.ac.uk
LEAP No https://leap.essex.ac.uk
HR Organiser No Sign in to HR Organiser
CRM No https://uoelive.crm11.dynamics.com





SSRS Reports (on SharePoint)
Yes https://ssrs.essex.ac.uk/reporting
SP Intranet (on SharePoint)
Yes https://sp.essex.ac.uk
ERAMs No https://erams.essex.ac.uk
iTrent Yes Sign in to iTrent
Unit4 Business World Yes Sign in to Unit4 Business World
Tableau Yes http://tableau.essex.ac.uk
ESIS Yes Use Remote Desktop
Planet FM Yes Use Remote Desktop
Kx Yes Use Remote Desktop
OnBase Yes https://onbase.essex.ac.uk/AppNetEP3/Login.aspx
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