Wifi and networks

eduroam wifi

eduroam (education roaming) is a secure, international wifi service available to all staff, students, and visitors from other eduroam participating institutions.

We recommend using the geteduroam app or eduroamCAT to help you connect. If you're unable to connect using either of these, try using the manual instructions for your device:

By connecting to eduroam you are agreeing to obey the University's IT Acceptable Use Policy (or your home organisation's terms and conditions) and the eduroam(UK) policy.

Guest wifi (Essex Guest)

Essex Guest is our free wifi service for guests that can't use eduroam. Connect using your personal email address (the service will not accept @essex.ac.uk email addresses).

Once connected you get 10 minutes of free internet access. For 24 hours access, you must verify your email address by following the link in the verification email we have sent you.

Wired network

We're part of the Janet Network, the UK's academic and research network which provides UK research and education with a highly reliable and secure, world-class network, enabling national and international communication and collaboration.

Network access

The following devices are allowed on the wired network

  • University-owned computers supplied and managed by DITS or a University IT department that meet the DITS security requirements.
  • University-owned computers must have the Crowdstrike sensor installed.

The following devices are not allowed on the wired network for security reasons:

  • University-owned computers that do not have the Crowdstrike sensor installed. 
  • University-funded computers not supplied and managed by DITS or a University IT department.
  • Mac computers, whether supplied and managed by DITS, a University department, or otherwise.
  • Any computer connected to a networked dock that has its identity obscured.
  • Personal computers e.g. Bring Your Own Desktop (BYOD).
  • Personal mobile devices.

If you need network access via a Mac, personal computer, or personal mobile device, please use an appropriate wifi network, and our VPN service if you need access to secure services.

Network maintenance

Maintenance work is carried out on the Janet network every Tuesday morning between 7am and 9am.

Maintenance work may therefore be carried out on the University's network during the same time period in order to minimise disruption. This is known as our 'network at risk' period.

During this time, services that rely on the network may be unavailable or vulnerable to interruption and you should not rely on them for any critical work.

See our IT service status page for scheduled work.

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