Academic recruitment templates

This guidance supports staff using the academic recruitment templates for ASER, ASE and ASR posts.

Why recruitment templates?

Consistent language and terminology articulates more clearly the responsibilities for education, research and leadership/citizenship associated with each role. This will help new colleagues to understand the University values from the moment they engage either as an applicant or new colleague, and help them to understand the future career pathways available to them as they become more established in their role.

About the templates

A series of templates have been produced for each grade of ASER, ASE and ASR role using language and criteria from our academic promotion and probation procedures, and external frameworks recognised by the University (e.g. UK Professional Standards Framework for Teaching and Supporting Learning in Higher Education).  The templates offer a set of descriptions increasing with levels of responsibility but are also sufficiently flexible to include specific requirements for individual posts. 

The templates include as standard:

  • main duties for each grade of role.
  • specific responsibilities for education, research and citizenship/leadership.
  • a standard set of essential criteria for each role. It is possible to add other specific requirements to the set of essential criteria.
  • a standard set of desirable criteria for each role. It is possible to move criteria from desirable to essential according to the specific needs for the role.  This will ensure the person specification is achievable on case by case recruitment campaigns. It is possible to add desirable criteria according to the specific needs for the role. 

How to use the templates

  • Department or discipline-specific information can be added to the job description and person specification; however the existing text cannot be removed or edited.
  • Add the department context for the role.
  • Add any discipline-specific requirements to the duties of the role.
  • Add any discipline-specific requirements to the person specification for the role and identify them as essential or desirable.
  • Confirm the desirable status for each requirement in the person specification. The essential criteria are set as standard. If you are advertising the post at multiple levels, ie. open rank at Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Reader, create a job description and person specification for each level.

Using the templates in the recruitment process

Applicants will be asked to provide a covering letter setting out how they meet the requirements of the role as set out in the person specification. Shortlisting should be carried out against the requirements (essential and desirable) in the relevant template.

Questions and selection methods used in the interview process should be tailored to the essential and desirable criteria set out in the relevant template. For guidance on this, please speak to your Resourcing Adviser. 

The Professional Values should be tested at interview stage.

Academic recruitment templates

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