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We use Microsoft 365 for our email and calendar. You can access your account on the web or download Outlook for your device. Sign in with your Essex email address and password.

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Shared mailboxes

A shared mailbox makes it easy for groups of people to monitor and send emails from a single email address, such as, and share a calendar.

Shared mailboxes have one or more owners, and they control who can access the shared mailbox. Before you can access a shared mailbox, an owner must add you as a member. You can check with the IT Helpdesk if you don’t know who the mailbox owners are.

Once you've been added as a member of the shared mailbox you can add it to your Outlook. If adding the shared mailbox doesn't work straight away, please wait a few minutes and try again.

Mass mailing and mailing lists

Mailing lists let you easily send email to multiple people. There are different types of mailing list and membership may depend on your role at the University or personal preference.

If you occasionally need to send an email to a large group of people and no mailing list exists for that group of people, then you can use our Mailshot service to send an email to a temporary, ad-hoc mailing list, of up to 10,000 recipients including non-Essex email addresses.

Email quarantine

Our email protection service (Barracuda) checks all incoming email for spam, phishing, and viruses before it is delivered to your mailbox.

To access your email quarantine, go to and sign in with your Essex IT account.

See our quarantine help guide if you need help using the quarantine or setting up a notification schedule.

Email and calendar sharing

You can allow someone else to manage your mail and calendar. The other person, known as a delegate, can receive and respond to email messages and meeting requests and responses on your behalf.

You can share your calendar with others so they can view details about your schedule.

Changing your email address

You can't change your email address, but you can can create an email alias if you want something like

Please note you cannot sign in using your email alias - you must always use your username with after it.

Reporting suspicious emails

Please forward all suspicious emails to Reporting suspicious emails means we can take action to prevent others from receiving it.

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