Termly Office Cleaning

Termly office cleaning will be carried out between Monday 5 December and Friday 16 December.

University staff have been helpful in feeding back to the Soft FM Services team following the August office clean and the main action was to give better notice for the works to be carried out.

Please see schedule below showing when your area will be cleaned, we aim to adhere to the schedule however we cannot guarantee this therefore we appreciate your co-operation whilst these works are undertaken.

A team of cleaners from Everbrite Cleaning will attend your areas accompanied by a Supervisor from the Soft FM team who will manage the cleaning.

We are not expecting any delays to this work however, if there are unforeseen circumstances any outstanding cleaning will be completed after the exam period and office users will be contacted should this situation occur.

Week 1: 5-9 December

Location Elevation Accessible via
Health and Human Science building N/A
Life Science Square 3, entrance 3SW
Main Academic building Square 2, entrance 2NE; Square 3, entrance 3NE; Square 4, entrance 4NW, 4SW, 4SE

Week 2: 12-16 December

Location Elevation Accessible via
Essex Business School N/A
Constable building N/A
John Tabor building N/A
Sports Arena


Sports Centre N/A
STEM Square 1
Psychology building Square 1
Network Centre Square 1, entrance 1W
Rab Butler Off Square 2
Social Science Research Centre Off Square 2
Computer Science and Electronic Engineering Square 2, entrance 2NW
Lecture Theatre Building  Off  Square 3
Security and Safety Centre Square 3, entrance 3S
2001 Building Square 4, entrance 4N and 4SE