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The ESRC Human Rights Law Implementation Project (HRLIP)

About us

Four leading human rights Centres across the UK; Essex, Bristol, Middlesex and Pretoria, have joined together along with the Open Society Justice Initiative, to collaborate on this project.

The project, which was initially funded by the ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council) explores the utility of human rights law in the 21st century, and its relevance. These are issues which are particularly of concern to governments, legislatures, judiciaries, human rights bodies and victims of human rights violations.

The aim of the project is to track selected decisions as a result of individual complaints to UN and regional human rights treaty bodies, against nine countries in Africa, Europe and the Americas. It is hoped to understand as a result of the project, the extent to which States have implemented them and why.

It is hoped that the research will impact on the actual compliance by the states with selected decisions and thereby result in greater justice for individual victims.

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The ESRC Human Rights Law Implementation Project (HRLIP)

Initially funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, this project is a collaborative project between four leading academic human rights Centres across the UK, and the Open Society Justice Initiative. Learn more about this project by visiting the website.

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