Mind Over Matter

Ethics and research integrity

In the bottom left of the photo is a person sitting wearing a pair of glasses. Above their head is a large white machine, with a grey ring from it on the person's head.

The research we and other researchers are doing in this area raises many ethical questions. Neural Interfaces (NIs) provide access to the nervous system, and research around it must be carried out in an ethical manner.

The broader socio technical context is key to ensure NIs benefit all. How will these systems influence protocols and procedures defined by NHS management, private companies, regulators and government?

It is important to anticipate how NIs function across different contexts (e.g., work vs. leisure) and how their use influences legal protections and governance issues that operate in the real-world.

These issues are crucial as it is essential from an ethical accountability perspective to ensure that changes in the health, performance and psychology of NI users are beneficial and personalized and ensure privacy and security.