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It has become clear that for some patients, COVID-19 has long-term effects, such as tiredness and ‘brain fog’ long after they have recovered from the infection.

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About this project

For some people, the Covid-19 infection has longer-term consequences, which lowers their physical and mental health, their ability to return to work and to live a healthy and active life. Longer-term effects can include muscle weakness, recurring problems with vital organs like heart and kidneys, headaches, extreme tiredness and ‘brain fog’.

Our project will look at how lingering symptoms of Covid-19 affect people’s perceptual abilities and cognitive performance. We will ask participants to complete a series of simple online tests. These tests measure how quickly and accurately you perceive sounds and sights, process words, shift your attention and integrate information. We aim to measure how your performance relates to your lingering symptoms. The findings will help to improve cognitive rehabilitation programs and identify those who need additional support.

We would like you to participate in our project if you are 18 to 65 years of age and have experienced symptoms that have persisted for longer than 4 weeks after catching Covid-19. Symptoms must be a result of having had Covid-19 and cannot be attributed to another medical condition. Symptoms may have been mild or more severe, and they may differ from those experienced during the initial infection. You may have since recovered or you may still be suffering with these symptoms. You may or may not have received a formal diagnosis of ‘Post-Covid-19 syndrome’ (‘Long Covid’). If this applies to you, please click the box below to take part in our online study!

If you are in the Colchester area, we would also be happy to welcome you to our Department of Psychology labs, where we aim to carry out brain scans at a later stage of project. Please email Dr Helge Gillmeister ( if you require more information or if you are not sure about your eligibility.

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