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Freedom of Religion or Belief for Inclusive Societies (focus on Protection of Women’s and LGBT rights)

About us

This project is part of the Human Rights Clinic Module (HU902) and is in partnership with the Special Rapporteur on the Freedom of Religion or Belief.

In recent years, and under pressure from religious civil society groups, there has been a concerning trend among some countries that have previously sought to protect the rights of women and of LGBT persons, but are now using religious claims to rollback or violate a range of human rights protections. Students participating in this project will support country-specific research that will examine and map laws and policies adopted to accommodate religion or belief, but which violate a range of rights for women, girls and LGBT people in Poland, Sri Lanka. South Africa and Tunisia and Nepal, and also the more positive approach taken in Uruguay. The resulting report will contribute to an annual report submitted by the Special Rapporteur to the Human Rights Council.


Project description