Research Projects

Foundation Report for the British Association of Social Workers Human Rights Advisory Group

Principal Investigators
Dr Maria-Ines Martinez Herrero, University of Essex
Dr Linda Harms Smith, Robert Gordon University Aberdeen

Dr Maria-Ines Martinez Herrero at the University of Essex is the co-lead alongside Dr Linda Harms Smith (Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen) of a consortium of 8 academics from four UK Universities.

The topic is Human Rights and social work practice: while social workers are experts in their specific areas of practice the profession lacks one coherent document that sets out the range of social work practice in the context of human rights.

The British Association of Social Workers (BASW) has therefore commissioned a written resource that will act as an introduction to human rights and social work with a focus on practice.

The document will support the establishment of BASW’s Human Rights Advisory Group, and will also go on to be used as a wider resource for the social work community in the UK.