EU-Asia Security and Trade (EAST)

Principal Investigator
Professor Han Dorussen, Professor Emil Kirchner & Dr Alexandra Hennessy

Security and trade between the EU and the Asia-Pacific region

Building on the EU-China and EU-Japan Security projects, this project will study two essential aspects of the relationship between the EU and the Asia-Pacific region in depth: security and trade. 

This project involves two research groups with experts from academic institutions and think tanks in three continents and will run from September 2018 for three years. The University of Essex is a partner in the project consortium, headed by Maastricht University and funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

Our activity


Book launch events are being planned online for The European Union’s Security Relations with Asian Partners. The first, on 18 June 2021, is organised by the EAST coordinating institution, Maastricht University. 

Two conferences took place for participants in both the trade and security projects, in Berlin and Singapore in 2019. Distinguished guests presented their views of current challenges and the future outlook for EU-Asia relations. Reports on these are available on the EAST project website.

A workshop for authors of the security volume followed later in 2019 in Rome. A PhD Colloquium, a final dissemination conference and a student essay competition are planned under the auspices of the EAST project.


Publication of The European Union’s Security Relations with Asian Partners 

The first edited volume on EU-Asia relations, edited by Thomas Christiansen, Emil Kirchner and See Seng Tan, has now been published (June 2021) by Palgrave Macmillan.

Han Dorussen co-authored the chapter on Civil Security.  Endorsements obtained for this book describe it as “insightful”, “timely”, “the most comprehensive academic analysis to date of the European Union’s emerging security relations with Asian states”. (See ‘reviews’ tab on the publisher’s web page.) The second volume produced by the EAST network will be on trade relations between the EU and Asia.

At the University of Essex, Alexandra Hennessy is involved in this side of the project. Further information can be found on the EAST project website.

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