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Essex End Everyday Racism

Principal Investigator
Dr Maria Hudson
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Sharing experiences of racism

The Essex End Everyday Racism project is an independent research project that provides a vehicle for university students and staff to share their experiences of racism. It is the sister project of similar initiatives at a growing number of universities.

This project is for everyone. There continues to be a lack of recognition of the consequences that racism can have for everyday lives. Racism can take multiple forms. For example, online abuse, the denying of racial or ethnic experiences, assuming that one race is less intelligent or capable than another and underestimating their potential, not recognising people’s achievements, racial harassment, name calling, making some groups feel unwelcome in social spaces. Experiences of racism need to be made more visible as part of the process of calling out racism and addressing it. 

By encouraging staff and students to share their experiences on an anonymous and informal basis, the project will help the research team to draw on individual stories to develop periodic reports that not only help to map racism but also support anti-racism activities and initiatives.

We aim to develop our understanding of everyday racism with numeric, descriptive and geographic evidence, in order to build a collective case to support antiracism advocacy and social justice activism at the University and further afield.

Take part in the End Everyday Racism project

We are asking members of the University of Essex to participate anonymously, sharing their experiences of what, how and where racism happens. We want to build our understanding of the impact of racism on the lives of students and staff.

It is important you understand this is a research project, not a formal reporting procedure. If you share information about your experiences of racism this will feed into the research and related anti-racism advocacy activities. No disciplinary action will be taken.

Should you need further support, or wish to take disciplinary action, please visit support for victims of racism to learn more.

Before you participate in the project

Read our research ethics

Our code of ethics

An application for ethical approval of the Essex End Everyday Racism project was reviewed by the University of Essex Social Sciences Ethics Sub-Committee in October 2022. The application was approved. 

In keeping with good ethical practice, before you share any personal data online, we will ask you to provide your consent for the information to be used in the research. The data you share will remain anonymous and only be seen by staff and volunteers of The Whistle (the online platform housing the project incident form) and the Essex End Everyday Racism project team.

Ensuring your anonymity and validity

Verify your identity

To help ensure the validity of the data you will be asked to verify your membership of the University of Essex community by providing a current @essex email address. Your email address will not be stored and cannot be used to identify you.

Ensure your anonymity

An automatically-generated alias (e.g. " picture board") will be sent to your @essex address, and it is this alias that you use to complete the response form. If you make a record of your alias, you can use it for future submissions, so that if you share another experience we can link them together.

Save your details

If you wish, you can also download a PDF of your submission labelled only with your alias. This could be helpful if you want to keep a record of the information you have shared with this project, or use your submission as the basis of a formal report elsewhere.

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Take part in the End Everyday Racism project

We would like members of the University of Essex to participate anonymously in the Essex End Everyday Racism project. We would like you to share your experience of what, how and where racism happens. Your input will help us to understand the impact of racism on the lives of our students and staff.

Take part
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