Research Project

Eroding dichotomies: description, analysis and publishing in African linguistics

Principal Investigator
Dr Hannah Gibson

Strengthening the visibility of African linguistics research

The British Academy Writing Workshops scheme funded project ‘Eroding dichotomies: description, analysis and publishing in African linguistics’ aims to provide training and mentoring for early career researchers in linguistics, with a focus on Eastern and Southern Africa.

This project brings together early career researchers, journal editors and experienced academics in African and general linguistics, with a view to strengthening the visibility of linguistics research output from and in Africa, as well as ensuring equitable access to cutting-edge research in Africa. It will involve practical training sessions on academic writing in which participants receive feedback and guidance from peers, experienced writers and editors.

The project also seeks to provide a platform for the discussion of number of issues in the discipline of linguistics. This includes the broader academic, cultural and political contexts in which research on language and linguistics takes place, in particular in and with reference to Africa.

Additionally the project will explore – and where appropriate erode – a number of dichotomies which we believe characterise our field: North-South, theory-data, description-analysis, documentation-typology, local-regional, regional-international and Open Access-established journals.

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Principle Investigator Dr Hannah Gibson
University of Essex
Departmental Director of Research Professor Florence Myles
Department of Language and Linguistics