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Dr Laura Fumagalli
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Journal articles (7)

Fumagalli, L. and Martin, T., (2023). Child labor among farm households in Mozambique and the role of reciprocal adult labor. World Development. 161, 106095-106095

Avram, S., Brewer, M., Fisher, P. and Fumagalli, L., (2022). Household Earnings and Income Volatility in the UK, 2009-2017. The Journal of Economic Inequality. 20 (2), 345-369

Fumagalli, E. and Fumagalli, L., (2022). Subjective well-being and the gender composition of the reference group: Evidence from a survey experiment. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. 194, 196-219

Fumagalli, L. and Fumagalli, E., (2019). Neigbourhood ethnic composition and social participation of young people in England. The Economic Journal. 129 (622), 2459-2521

Brunie, A., Fumagalli, L., Martin, T., Field, S. and Rutherford, D., (2014). Can village savings and loan groups be a potential tool in the malnutrition fight? Mixed method findings from Mozambique. Children and Youth Services Review. 47 (P2), 113-120

Fumagalli, L., Laurie, H. and Lynn, P., (2013). Experiments with Methods to Reduce Attrition in Longitudinal Surveys. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A: Statistics in Society. 176 (2), 499-519

Fumagalli, L. and Sala, E., (2008). Il paradosso dei sondaggi politici elettorali. Quando le intenzioni di voto di quasi il 30% delle famiglie ignorate in tali indagini possono fare la differenza (in Italian). Sociologica. 2008 (April)

Book chapters (2)

(2007). Tax Systems and Tax Reforms in Latin America. In: Tax Systems and Tax Reforms in Latin America. Routledge. 205- 224. 0203481399. 9780203481394

Bernardi, L., Fraschini, A. and Shome, P., (2006). Tax Systems and Tax Reforms in South and East Asia. In: Tax Systems and Tax Reforms in South and East Asia. Routledge. 3- 34. 0203088247. 9780203088241

Reports and Papers (1)

Burton, J., Laurie, H., Uhrig, SCN., Bryan, ML., Desousa, C., Fumagalli, L., Jackle, A., Knies, G., Lynn, P., Nandi, A., Platt, L., Pudney, S., Rabe, B., Sacker, A., Sala, E., Taylor, MP., Wolke, D., Bottazzi, R., Crossley, T. and O'Dea, C., (2008). Understanding Society. Some preliminary results from the Wave 1 Innovation Panel

Scholarly Editions (2)

Fumagalli, E. and Fumagalli, L., (2009). Like Oil and Water or Chocolate and Peanut Butter? Ethnic Diversity and Social Participation of Young People in England

Fumagalli, E. and Fumagalli, L., (2009). Like oil and water or chocolate and peanut butter? Ethnic diversity and social participation of young people in England

Other (1)

Fumagalli, L., Knies, G. and Buck, N., (2017).Understanding Society, The UK Household Longitudinal Study, Harmonised British Household Panel Survey (BHPS) User Guide,ISER University of Essex

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School availability, parental labour supply and family wellbeing

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Mind the Gap: Educational Inequalities during Covid-19

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