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Dr Richard Bartle
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Dr Richard A. Bartle is Senior Lecturer and Honorary Professor of Computer Game Design at the University of Essex, UK. He is best known for having co-written in 1978 the first virtual world, MUD, and for his 1996 Player Types model which has seen widespread adoption by the MMO industry. His 2003 book, Designing Virtual Worlds, is the standard text on the subject, and he is an influential writer on all aspects of MMO design and development. In 2010, he was the first recipient of the prestigious GDCOnline Game Legend award. Blog: . Updated daily!


  • BSc Hons (1st class) Computer Science, Essex University, 1981.

  • PhD Artificial Intelligence, Essex University, 1988.

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Virtual worlds (game worlds, social worlds) all aspects of these

Open to supervise

Computer Game design

Open to supervise

Computer Games design as an art form

Open to supervise

Computer Games and society, especially governance, the law and human rights

Open to supervise

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Computer Game Design (CE217)

  • Virtual Worlds (CE317)

  • Virtual Worlds (CE817)

Previous supervision

Joseph John Walton-Rivers
Joseph John Walton-Rivers
Thesis title: Evaluating the Effects on Monte Carlo Tree Search of Predicting Co-Operative Agent Behaviour
Degree subject: Intelligent Games and Game Intelligence
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 21/10/2022


Journal articles (4)

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Bartle, RA., (2006). Why governments aren't gods and gods aren't governments. First Monday. 11 (SPEC. ISS. 7)

Books (3)

Bartle, R., (2022). How to Be a God. NotByUs. 978-0-9556494-9-3

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Book chapters (10)

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Conferences (16)

O’Shea, Z., Bartle, R., Pan, X. and Freeman, J., (2022). Apples and Oranges: A Study of “Tend & Befriend” as a Phenomenon in Digital Games

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Grants and funding


Annotating Reference and Coreference In Dialogue Using Conversational Agents in games

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

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