Chloe Tasker

Graduate Laboratory Assistant
Department of Psychology
Senior Invigilator
Department of Psychology
Postgraduate Research Student
Department of Psychology
 Chloe Tasker


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  • Sexual Arousal
  • Women's Sexuality
  • Empathy
  • Sexual Competition


I am a SeNSS-funded Psychology PhD researcher. I have a great interest in understanding women's sexuality, and in particular in understanding sex differences in arousal. My PhD research focuses on investigating previous (the preparation hypothesis) and novel (empathy and sexual competition) explanations of women's bisexual arousal patterns. I use physiological measures of sexual arousal in my research including plethysmography, and pupil dilation. I am also currently exploring new methods to measure lubrication in women, to assess the validity of the preparation hypothesis.


  • BSc Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience The University of Essex (2021)

  • MSc Research Methods in Psychology The University of Essex (2022)

Research and professional activities


Sexual Arousal Patterns of Women: A Test of Alternative Hypotheses

Previous research shows that most men respond to one preferred gender in their sexual arousal, whereas most women respond to sexual stimuli containing men and women equally, regardless of their sexual orientation. The current most prominent explanation for this, the preparation hypothesis, argues that because forced copulation occurred throughout evolution, women may have evolved to show arousal in, and lubricate, to any sexual stimulus, in order to prevent genital injury. However, this has been

Supervisor: Gerulf Rieger , Helge Gillmeister



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