Mohammad Sharfuddin Rashed

Assistant Lecturer
EBS - Strategy, Operations and Entrepreneurship (SOE)
Assistant Lecturer.
EBS - Strategy, Operations and Entrepreneurship (SOE)
Postgraduate Research Student
Essex Business School
 Mohammad Sharfuddin Rashed



  • MRes (Master of Research), Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance Macquarie University (2022)

  • MSc in Corporate Management Shanghai University (2017)

  • MBA in International Management University of Chittagong (2006)

  • BBA in Management Studies University of Chittagong (2005)

Research and professional activities


Problems and Design Requirements of Big Data Analytics (BDA) for Supporting the Circular Supply Chain and Achieving UN SDG 12

With the emergence of modern digital technologies, big data analytics (BDA), powered by artificial intelligence (AI), can accelerate and support an organization’s sustainability efforts. Moreover, BDA can facilitate sustainable production and circular supply chain (CSC) capabilities. Despite these benefits, we have a limited understanding of the problems and design requirements for adopting BDA in the context of the steel industry in developing countries such as Bangladesh. Design science resear

Supervisor: Dr Abraham Zhang , Dr Shamsul Karim

Research interests

Overcoming Barriers to Circular Supply Chain Management in Bangladesh and the Role of Digital Technologies

Many natural resources are finite, and the world has been increasingly confronted by resource scarcity issues. It is now widely acknowledged that businesses need to accelerate the transition from a linear (take, make, and dispose) to a circular economic model (Farooque et al., 2019a). The “integration of circular thinking into the management of the supply chain and its surrounding industrial and natural ecosystems” is defined as circular supply chain management (CSCM) (Farooque et al., 2019a, p.



Southend Campus

Working pattern:

Full time teacher and researcher in a public university.