Dr Shamsul Karim

EBS - Management Science and Entrepreneurship (MSE)
Dr Shamsul Karim

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Introduction to International Business (BE202)

  • Strategic Entrepreneurship (BE220)

  • Business Model Innovation (BE247)

  • Theories and Practice of Entrepreneurship (BE250)

  • Creating and Managing the New and Entrepreneurial Organisation (BE253)

  • International Business and Strategy (BE268)

  • Research Project : Business Administration (BE932)

  • Research Project - Marketing (BE933)

  • Research Project - International Business and Entrepreneurship (BE934)

  • Research Project - Tourism Management (BE935)

  • Research Methods (BE955)

Previous supervision

Bahare Afrahi
Bahare Afrahi
Thesis title: Disengagement and Entrepreneurial Exit
Degree subject: Entrepreneurship
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 25/3/2019


Journal articles (1)

Brynin, M., Karim, M. and Zwysen, W., (2019). The value of self-employment to ethnic minorities. Work, Employment and Society. 33 (5), 846-864

Book chapters (1)

Karim, M. and Nahar, S., A Resource-based view of ICT in Strategic Entrepreneurship. In: HANDBOOK OF STRATEGIC ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Editors: Gupta, VK., Shirokova, GV., Amit Karna, A. and Banu A. Goktan, BA., . Edward Elgar Publisher

Reports and Papers (3)

Hart, M., Levie, J. and Karim, M., (2012). Closing the Generational Start-up Gap’, RBS Inspiring the Enterprise, RBS Group, UK

Karim, M. and Hart, M., (2012). GEM Bangladesh Monitoring Report 2011

Marlow, S., Hart, M., Levie, J. and Karim, M., (2012). Women in Enterprise: A Different Perspective

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