Sporty volunteers sought to  stop hip fractures in later life

  • Date

    Thu 3 Mar 22

A woman on an exercise bike

Sporty volunteers are being sought to explore how exercise can strengthen bones and prevent debilitating hip fractures.

Researchers from The University of Essex’s School of Sport, Rehabilitation, and Exercise Sciences want to find out how much activity is needed to stay safe from injury in later life.

It is hoped the study will discover a method to measure hip joint loads during running, jumping, hopping, and walking.

Roughly 60 people who can run and jump are needed for the ground-breaking investigation.

Men and women aged between 20-70 are invited to get in touch for the non-invasive study.

They will only have to participate in one session that lasts just two and a half hours where sensors will map their movement.

Researchers Dr Zainab Altai and Dr Bernard Liew are running the research.

Dr Altai said: “Exercise not only can keep us active in later life but also can reduce the risk of hip fractures, which have a devastating impact on the lives of elderly people.

“If you are physically fit and active, we need your help so we can enrich people’s lives and save the NHS money.”

To sign up contact Dr Zainab Altai or Dr Bernard Liew