New Collaboration between Essex and European Commission Joint Research Centre

  • Date

    Wed 5 May 21

The University of Essex has joined the Community of Practice in Financial Research (CoPFiR), part of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission.

A total of 25 European universities are part of CoPFiR and its mission is to strengthen the relationship between scientists and policy makers and to promote research and collaboration on topics linked to financial stability.

Through the Essex-CoPFiR agreement, Essex academics will contribute to understanding and resolving scientific issues in the field of financial research and ensure that all findings are used to benefit the economy and society.

The Essex-CoPFiR collaboration will develop the relationship with the European Commission. Key objectives are:

  • fostering a robust science-based decision-making process within the European policy debate in the field of financial research
  • stimulating policy-driven research on financial issues by providing academic partners with research questions relevant for policy makers
  • promoting co-operation efforts particularly in relation to financial stability and the effectiveness of financial markets
  • strengthening the understanding of the scientific, economic and social issues associated with financial stability and the functioning of capital markets.

Activities will include joint research projects and initiatives for financing research projects of mutual interest. We will also organise joint events, such as roundtables and workshops to share knowledge, good practice, skills, exploit synergies and promote a stronger anticipatory culture.

Professor Claudia Girardone, Director of the Essex Finance Centre, said: “This collaboration will strengthen the scientific collaborations between the UK and the EU in the financial research community. It will provide our finance and banking researchers with the opportunity to develop new research projects that produce scientific evidence highly relevant to policy making”.

“Being part of the EC Joint Research Centre and being able to contribute to the ‘Community of Practice in Financial Research’ is an excellent opportunity for our academic researchers here at the University of Essex. It will not only help to further strengthen our collaboration with colleagues in the field across Europe but also enable researchers to have direct impact on policy and practice. “  Dr Beate Knight, Research Development Manager EU/International, University of Essex


Brief overview of the Joint Research Centre 

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