Essex graduates praised for valuable COVID-19 testing work

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    Mon 25 Jan 21

Oliver Godfrey in lab

A cohort of 15 biomedical science graduates have been praised for their valuable contribution to COVID-19 testing at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford.

Their hard work has led to 11 out of the 15 graduates securing permanent jobs in various departments and other hospitals, with the final four hoping to secure full-time roles soon.

Dean Braunig, Pathology Services Manager at Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust, said taking on the biomedical graduates to help with their COVID-19 testing proved “a real success”.

He added: “The quality of students coming from the University of Essex is very good and they all have a good work ethic.”

One of the graduates, Alice Green, who is pictured below, said: “In my six months at Broomfield, I have gained such great experience. Working in the middle of the pandemic after just graduating has been intense.

“Working on COVID is an extremely fast-paced environment, as we have to prioritise in order to continue the flow of patient movement through the hospital. Whilst it is busy and stressful, it is great working with former students from the University, who have since become colleagues. Recently I have been offered the exciting opportunity to start my registration portfolio, so I am now on the road to becoming a registered Biomedical Scientist.”


Alice Green working in a lab)
Alice Green working in a lab

Fellow graduate Oliver Godfrey, pictured at the top, added: “Working on COVID testing has been a very exciting experience as the job is high paced and plays an integral role to the working of the hospital as well as the wider area. We currently work with three methods of PCR (polymerase chain reaction), ranging from one to four hours testing time.

“In addition to working in the lab, I have taken on extra responsibilities including assisting in audit trails to refine and dictate how work is to be done. Having not taken the placement year during university, I have recently been able to start my portfolio in order to become a Biomedical Scientist.”

Dr Selwa Alsam, Director of the biomedical science course at the University’s School of Life Sciences, said: “I would like to congratulate the students for their hard work and commitment. I always say to my students that they are our ambassadors outside the University. They have set up an example to our current cohort. All that hard work and effort in completing the biomedical science course paid off so, well done to them.

“Our students showed such enthusiasm in being involved in the COVID-19 testing process and helping NHS staff. We are hoping to get more placement places this year for second year biomedical science students in order to be trained and fulfil the requirements of hospitals once they complete the course.“