John heads new society to improve sport and exercise science research

  • Date

    Tue 8 Jan 19

Dr John Mills

Essex lecturer in sport psychology and coaching Dr John Mills has been appointed Executive Chair of a new academic society aiming to improve research methods and practices in sport and exercise science.

The Society for Transparency, Openness, and Replication in Kinesiology (STORK) will encourage kinesiologists - sport and exercise scientists and movement scientists - to prioritise research quality over quantity.

It will also aim to provide educational opportunities to empower early career researchers and established scientists to adopt more rigorous research practices, such as pre-registration, replication, open sharing of data and sharing of working documents for discussion.

“We are excited to provide a space where anyone with an interest in improving kinesiology research can come together to strengthen our knowledge of sport, exercise, health, and rehabilitation sciences,” explained Dr Mills, from our School of Rehabilitation, Sport and Exercise Sciences. “Whether you’re an educator, coach, practitioner, researcher, student, athlete or consumer of science – you’re welcome here.”