New MBA Director training the business leaders of the future

Essex Business School has appointed a new MBA Director to its flagship management programme.

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    Thu 22 Nov 18

A new Director has been appointed to lead the University of Essex’s flagship MBA programme, which aims to help local professionals to realise their business potential.

New MBA Director training the business leaders of the future

An international business and corporate strategy specialist, Professor Nicolas Forsans joins Essex Business School with 20 years’ experience of creating MBA programmes which provide students, both part-time and full-time, with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence to get ahead in business.


A compass to find your way

“The Essex MBA programme offers options for studying while you work your way up the career ladder, or run your own business. A student recently likened it to a compass that he was using to find his way in business. It is perfect for those wishing to reinvigorate their career, change sector, or change industry. But it is also for those that wish to advance their career within their existing organisation,” said Nicolas, who joins Essex from the University of Exeter.

The Essex MBA

The Essex MBA programme is very practical, with the emphasis on course work, company visits and business simulation activities, rather than exams - ‘doing it’ is more important than ‘learning it’. It includes a mix of compulsory and optional modules covering everything from people management and marketing, to managing supply chains, accounting and running a sustainable business.

An MBA Director with current expertise

Nicolas’ expertise covers trading in Europe and North America, including the potential impact of Brexit, emerging economies and the rise of multinationals in the world economy. He also has a particular interest in the impact of new business models built around circular economy principles, such as Uber and Airbnb.

Nicolas added: “We are entering digital revolution that is impacting on the way business works and the way we work with each other. It is critical for the business leaders and managers of the future to understand how the digital revolution will impact on their business. That’s the sort of issue we address on the Essex MBA.”

Essex Business School is the largest department at the University of Essex and is strategically positioned on the Knowledge Gateway, the research and technology park on the Colchester Campus.

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